About CCTV Music

CCTV Music is a new and unique music website by the makers of europunk.net. CCTV Music gives your video clips, where our most competent hosts will bring you album reviews, interviews and festival reports. Also check out our written articles.

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The CCTV Music videos are presented by our famous Dutch hosts: Roel, Niek and Frank. Since CCTV Music is new and upcoming, we currently have a rather small selection of hosts, but are planning on getting hosts from all over Europe in the next few months. If you are interested in becoming a CCTV Music host, please check out our Try This At Home page.


The same people responsible for CCTV Music used to run a website called www.europunk.net, however about two years ago had to stop because it took up too much time. Now; they're back with a whole new concept: CCTV Music.

CCTV Music beer canThe whole website concept was though up at an Eindhoven terrace drinking a nice cold beer. Two weeks later we made our first festival report and done some interviews, and not nearly a month later we are releasing the website. It has gone so quick, because we all believe is this new and unique concept, and we hope you do so too!


Since CCTV Music has just started, we cannot say much about the future, but we are hoping on getting new hosts onboard and reporting on festivals and about new releases from all over Europe.