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Spin Update: Week 32

August 12th, 2010 by Frank & Niek

Spin Update: Week 32

Here is the weekly Spin Update from your hosts. Find out which records are played over and over again and are worth a listen. Warning! The hosts may have a horrible taste in music.

Frank's Playlist

Your vacation just ended and it's time to go to work again. Your head's like a train wreck: bruised and battered and beyond repair. But you need to do something to impress your boss. A malfunctioning brain and a hangover terrorize you all day. Yeah, this story is autobiographical. So I listen to loud and aggressive music to wake up. Here goes!

At The Gates is historical stuff. These guys from Gothenburg are amazing. It's relentless yet melodic. Check them out of you like Swedish metalcore. Like it? Which tunes makes your world go round? Let us know. We'd love to know, so we can review the stuff you like. Thanks!

Niek's Playlist

Since Mighty Sounds two weeks back, I've kinda been in the ska mood. Such an awesome festival can't just end with a 10 hour drive back home, so I created my own little afterparty. These albums make my day every day when driving back home from work:

At Mighty Sounds we did an interview with the Prague Conspiracy, but unfortunately we didn't see much of their set. One of the few songs of that festival that got stuck in my head was "I Want It All". Make sure to check out this band! (Album can be downloaded for free at www.pragueconspiracy.cz)
Big D is just one of those bands of which I always got an album nearby. The Delegates are unfortunately no longer active, but 'The Diary of Hamilton Fish' is a gem!