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Disclaimer: Cover Prophecy
People can be so shallow—judging books by its cover. It's so convenient! And that's exactly why we review upcoming albums just by looking at the artwork. Holla at ya, Nostradamus! When the records appear at CCTV-HQ we actually are gonna listen to the music, just to give it a fair shot. Till then we're judging the albums just by their appearance, for your reading pleasure.

Cover Prophecy: Street Dogs - S/T

August 14th, 2010 by Niek

Cover Prophecy: Street Dogs - S/T

The new Street Dogs album in one word: uninspired. Look at it. Horrible.

The Street Dogs are active for eight years now. In that time they have released four albums and definitely have matured as a band. Then 2010 arrives, and the record company tells them to make another top selling album, but no one in the band has any inspiration. You can tell it all by looking at the cover: it's basically empty, empty like the stories behind each song. Let's hope the venues won't be that empty when the start touring to promote this album.

Also; which band releases four albums and then decides that their fifth will be self-titled? They didn't even bother to come up with a proper title describing this train wreck of an album. It couldn't be that hard, as they even managed to record a total of 21 songs for this album.

I do have something positive to say about this new record. It will probably be their best. It just looks like they are now taking themselves a bit too serious and have recorded a really nice, well produced album. It will, with no doubt, have a couple of potential hit songs on it, and sound crispy clear. It just doesn't have the fun factor still present on their old albums. No cheering band members on the cover this time, just a boring 'Street Dogs Army' logo and their name. Making it even seem like this could be a demo of an upcoming band, just doing it for the music. But we all know that's not true.

Album Release Date: August 31th, 2010

Niek: 1 C's.