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Disclaimer: Cover Prophecy
People can be so shallow—judging books by its cover. It's so convenient! And that's exactly why we review upcoming albums just by looking at the artwork. Holla at ya, Nostradamus! When the records appear at CCTV-HQ we actually are gonna listen to the music, just to give it a fair shot. Till then we're judging the albums just by their appearance, for your reading pleasure.

Cover Prophecy: Jimmy Eat World - Invented

August 21st, 2010 by Frank

Cover Prophecy: Jimmy Eat World - Invented

A woman walking away... Ouch! Not a promising sight. At first glance the premonition of the new album from Jimmy Eat World is shocking. If even stylish ladies turn their backs on you, you'd better brace yourself. Jimmy Eat World is a pioneering band, no doubt about it. This bunch started the whole emorock-hype. Their previous album 'Chase This Light' was enjoyable, but also very bland. The record lacked depth and the edgy hooks the band was known and loved for. The disappearing girl on the cover can mean two things: the sappy rock heard on the predecessor is so hollow even sweet girls can bear it anymore or the edgy sound of the older stuff returns which means wimpy emochicks can't stand the soaring guitars. Either way this cover is cheesy, although the font is decent. And what does 'Invented' stand for? What did these guys invent? Lacklustre cover design? Ugly doors as seen in the cover art? Jimmy's too greedy. This record doesn't look an invention the world's waiting for. But wait a minute.... The world's already been eaten of course. Bad Jimmy!

Album Release Date: September 28th, 2010

Frank: 2 C's.