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Spin Update: Week 33

August 19th, 2010 by Frank, Roel & Niek

Spin Update: Week 33

Second update today: our weekly Spin Update. What have our hosts been listening to this week, and which albums do they recommend? This week featuring Frank and Niek from home, and Roel on vacation somewhere in Europe.

Frank's Playlist

Some bands give you some sort of energy boost. If you hear a certain track, all of a sudden the cobwebs in your head are blown away and you feel strong again. One of those bands who never disappoint to make me feel energetic every time I hear them, is Rise Against. Man, I want to move, punch someone in the face and run away fast (I can't stand the sight of blood and honestly fighting is not my style). The same goes for Soilwork. I'm a sucker for melodies and soaring riffs. These Swedes never fail to deliver. To show you I'm a sensitive (yet hardcore) guy I've put Ours in my playlist. A band which combines Jeff Buckley-like vocals with decent (hard)rock can't do anything wrong in my opinion. Great album, great band.

Till next time!

Roel's Playlist

Being on vacation with your car and tent, means listening to a lot of music. I prefer fast driving music, so I get far in a short amount of time. Since I'm driving to the sun, upbeat fun music is another necessity. These are the albums I've been listening to:

Enjoy the remainder of your summer! I know I will be enjoying mine.

Niek's Playlist

There can be only one album that has to be played this week, and that's the new Iron Maiden studio album "The Final Fronteer". It's topping record sales all over the world, beating pop artists like Eminem and Lady Gaga. Unfortunately—I haven't bought this album yet, so I have to tease myself with the Iron Maiden best-of:

The Accelerators are one of Holland's finest punk rock bands. Pumped up and fast punk rock, and if you don't like it—you need to get your brain checked! Okploïde is a Spanish speaking brass-supported punk band from the south of France, definitely worth checking out!