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Column: How to be Punk Rock after age 16

August 19th, 2010 by Niek

Column: How to be Punk Rock after age 16

I'm not 16 years old anymore, and probably neither are you, my fine readers. We all aim to stay young and live the life, so the question arises how to stay punk rock after the age of 16. We all have to do our best to get the masters in rocket science, or that promotion you think you have coming.

This however cannot be combined with the traditional punk rock attitude of fuck the world, I'll do things my way and hanging around with friends all day. You have to live by the rules of society, other people's rules, you have to be polite and social. How can you make it work?

Apart from saving your punk rock life for the weekends, you can also be rebellious and wear a band t-shirt to work—one without skulls, as requested by your supervisor. And instead of typing a boring TPS report, you can hang around with your friends at Facebook, and secretly check those tour dates on your new favourite band's MySpace profile. This kills your work productivity, but you don't care! You're Punk Rock!

It's even hard for us at CCTV Music. We have to work during the days, so trying to reach our audience is limited to a couple of Tweets and a Facebook status update a day. We don't get out that often... So to be honest, we don't have a clue how to be punk rock after 16. Even our updates are scheduled to appear at 10 a.m. Real punks just went to bed at that hour, office drones has their second cup of coffee and are still too productive to view our videos, and the real working class heroes are out there on the scaffolding, no computer in sight.

So I'll guess we'll see you at the pub next weekend, having a beer and talking about how much life sucks as a grown up.

Instant update: You can be punk, just Like the Let's find 1.000.000 punkz Facebook page. (And while you're at it; Like the CCTV Music page as well)