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Disclaimer: Cover Prophecy
People can be so shallow—judging books by its cover. It's so convenient! And that's exactly why we review upcoming albums just by looking at the artwork. Holla at ya, Nostradamus! When the records appear at CCTV-HQ we actually are gonna listen to the music, just to give it a fair shot. Till then we're judging the albums just by their appearance, for your reading pleasure.

Cover Prophecy: Vanna - The Honest Hearts

September 5th, 2010 by Frank

Cover Prophecy: Vanna - The Honest Hearts

Ah! An album cover with a genuine human heart on it. How original… *Sigh*

Metalcore/Posthardcore outfit Vanna is defiantly in touch with their sensitive sight. But they’re also bad ass, because there’s a metallic construction on the sleeve too. Tough, yet lovable. The bandlogo looks like a cool sports brand all the jocks in your high school would like to wear. The title of this EP is ‘The Honest Heart’ which means… No, I can’t bear this anymore. I get sick and tired of seeing this bland and hollow crap again. Dozens of bands have similar covers. Vanna’s previous outing, ‘A New Hope’ was a cringe worthy album full of old ideas and tiresome emoshit. Don’t get me wrong, I like emo, but the genre is slowly imploding because of greedy record companies, talentless posterboys and a lack of inspiration. To make things worse, Vanna started as decent metalcoreband with guttural screams and honest writing. Now they are a bunch of apathic emokids with bad ideas. Maybe their hearts are honest, but their music isn’t. This album is just as empty as the jocks who bully the shit out of freshmen, guinea pigs and the old man across the street. Honestly!

Album Release Date: October 12th, 2010

Frank: 1 C's.