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Column: Who's bad?

September 8th, 2010 by Frank

Column: Who's bad?

Dear reader, I have a question for you. Is music that's so hollow and bad, but very entertaining still good? Yeah, I know weird question, but it's a relevant one. Past weekend the CCTV-music-crew visited a concert from SMN. A bunch of wacky Japanese guys. These men were completely mental and the sound they made maybe isn't worth calling music. It was a sonic assault filled with heavy riffs, goalless melodies and aimless choruses. While they 'sung' in English it was hard figuring out what kind of topics their songs had. The crowd got caught in a wall of muddled noise and I bet few CDs were sold on the merch stand. But it was one of the coolest performances I've ever saw! I'm a fan now!

Despite the chaotic, aimless sounds the passion was there. These guys truly loved what they're doing and gave it all. Broken English is an understatement, because this Japanese phenomenon couldn't speak a decent sentence in any language but their own. It was so charming and I've seen a lot of concerts, but very few bands can get the crowd syked. SMN could, despite the language barrier.

Some of my favourite bands made awesome tunes, but failed to deliver on stage. I can honestly say a lot of shows disappointed me big time. You go to concerts to enjoy yourself. It's all about passion, sweaty musicians, good music and beer, right? One thing I've learned this weekend that shows are not about the music at all. It's about fun, entertainment and participating. If you want to listen to good music, you'll have to dust of your CD-player.

Bad can be so good! Be sure to check out this website on a daily bases, because we spoke SMN and even had an interview with these hilarious dudes. In English...

See you soon!