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Spin Update: Week 36

September 9th, 2010 by Frank & Niek

Spin Update: Week 36

It's been a while since the last spin update, but everybody's back from vacation, back at work and in dire need of some good rock 'n roll music. Read what tingled Frank and Niek in the past three weeks.

Frank's Playlist

One of the first emobands I really got into was Colour Of Fire. A bunch of English blokes who toured with Placebo and were promised to be the next best thing. Unfortunately they broke up and never reached their full potential. Lead singer Owen Brinsley decided to continue working in the musicbiz and started Grammatics, an indie-rockband with an ambient feel and high pitched vocals. They released a self titled debut album. Man, I love that record! Brinsley's more confident and his vocal duties are mesmerizing. Goose bump-alert! Too bad Grammatics is disbanded too. Man, I'm pissed off thinking about that again! To keep my anger at bay, I listen to All That Remains too. Polished American deathmetalcore (is that a word?) with lyrics about love and other sappy topics. Angry, but also romantic. The last album I've listened to extensively is Colour Of Fire. *Sigh* How nostalgic.

Grmpf! Why do cool bands break up so soon?

Niek's Playlist

I announced in my last Spin Update that the new Iron Maiden album has been released, but it wasn't in my possession. Now, however, it found it's way to me and we have even recorded a review, which will be up in the next few weeks. (So I'm not going to say anything else!)

This new Maiden album got me looking for other metal releases, as I've kinda forgot about heavy metal since leaving school. And to my surprise, Accept have released a new record! It's the first album since 1996, from these heavy metal heroes we all know for "Metal Heart". This is one amazing album, so I guess that little break did the guys good.