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Spin Update: Week 38

September 22nd, 2010 by Roel & Frank

Spin Update: Week 38

Is Roel currently into Schlager music? Is Frank growing his hair to become a metal head? Has Niek turned deaf? Read the Spin Update to find out what our hosts have been listening to this week.

Roel's Playlist

I've recently left the Netherlands to live in Germany for a while (München to be specific) and I'm getting to know the city and it's punk scene. This I do cycling around the city with my iPod in, listening to an insane amount of music. These albums I've listened to the most the last two weeks:

Cloak / Dagger is an American hardcore garage band with some proggy bits, if this makes any sense. Their album “Lost Art” is a nice and intense listen, but does not even compare to their live show. I was fortunate enough to attend their show in München yesterday and I would recommend everybody who likes fast and brutal music to grab a show during their ongoing tour through Europe.

The Gamits have a new album out and it's great! Officially, these guys called it quits in 2006, but they're back now. Musically, nothing much has changed, but vocally Chris Fogal's vocals sound much raspier. He used to be one of my favorite singers in punk rock with his inarticulate clean voice, but sounds great like this as well. Still not decided if I like this album better than their previous...

Dead To Me are gearing up for a European tour and to coincide with that they are releasing a new 7”. Ever changing the line-up, I'm curious to hear how the new songs are going to sound like. You can already hear one of the three new tracks. Google it all, yo! I've been listening to their previous record African Elephants to pump me up for their show, which I still think is a much better album than many people say it is.

Frank's Playlist

What's a better way to wake up than listening to some melodic death metal which makes your ears bleed? Listening to Scar Symmetry! This bunch of musicians makes energetic music which is just as relentless as it is poppy. I feel great every time I hear their records. The clean vocals are passionate, the grunts sincere and the guitars relentless. Just the way I like my music.

At this moment 'Holographic Universe' is my favourite record. Another cool record I can't get out of my head is made by Textures. Holland's finest metal band in my humble opinion. Love the progression they made on third album 'Silhouettes'. Great tunes and great production. To finish this list, I'd like to mention the Swedish hardcore powerhouse Meleeh. These dudes kick ass! Melodic hardcore with a lot of melancholy. Love it!

What's your favourite music?