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Disclaimer: Cover Prophecy
People can be so shallow—judging books by its cover. It's so convenient! And that's exactly why we review upcoming albums just by looking at the artwork. Holla at ya, Nostradamus! When the records appear at CCTV-HQ we actually are gonna listen to the music, just to give it a fair shot. Till then we're judging the albums just by their appearance, for your reading pleasure.

Cover Prophecy: None More Black - Icons

September 26th, 2010 by Roel

Cover Prophecy: None More Black - Icons

Ah, None More Black, the band of Kid Dynamite singer’s Jason is playing shows again and have found time to write and record a new album. Since the band went on hiatus a couple years ago, I figured they had actually broken up. Most bands these days who say they’re going on hiatus never come back, so it was a nice surprise to hear the melodic hardcore / gritty pop-punk band was together again. What have they done in their time off? Have they been able to pack new influences in their sound?

Yes! They have. Hold your collective breaths: None More Black have gone metal! What? Metal? Are you sure?

I sure am.
Just look at the artwork for their latest recorded offspring ‘Icons’. What we see is a bright blurred color scheme with a tied up man hanging in the middle. The pattern of the blue part reminds me heavily of the 80’s. I can conclude nothing else than that ‘Icons’ is an 80’s metal album pur sang. What about their hardcore influences? Don’t worry kids; just check out that fond. It has hardcore written all over it (pun). We’ll have a nice 80’s metal sound here with gang shouts and lyrics about being a badass. Could it be even better?

I don’t think it could be. I know it’s easy to dismiss this album as an experiment gone wrong, but I’ve always been a fan of Jason’s vocals and would love to hear him sing an epic metal chorus. Also, don’t forget that everybody loves the 80’s these days and a tied up man hanging somewhere is plain friggin’ cool. None More Black’s ‘Icons’ is a nice surprise to me and although it has its flaws (that red stuff looks horrible), I give it a solid 3C’s.

Roel: 3 C's.