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Column: Music

August 3rd, 2010 by Frank

Dear reader,

Let's talk about music. Sounds cheesy? You're damn right, but what's music? Really, think about it. You got genuine hardworking bands with passion and talent who work their asses off in their mom's basement and you've got million selling artists and bands who repeat the same trick over and over again. And earn a nice buck doing so. Be honest, is Shakira an artist? I mean, no healthy man zaps away when she appears shaking her moneymaker on your HD-screen, but thank God for the mute-button. But she sells records right? Do people buy those for the cover and the booklet or because she can do something right? I dunno. When I hear her she reminds me of my time in the petting zoo. Where those cute little goats are always begging for your attention with their characteristic noises.

Music is such a personal thing. You can't judge a piece of sound people like and loath at the same time. But that's exactly what we do at CCTV. Just because we can and want to. Making bad jokes unites people. All over the world. So we're one big constructive bunch of people. We love Shakira on our wall, not on our stereo. Except when the booze is flowing by the gallon (but that's just us). You like punk, metal, emo and other trash? Here's your friendly neighborhood garbageteam! Stay tuned and stay shocked!