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Spin Update: Week 31

August 5th, 2010 by Roel & Frank

What has been spinning in our stereos this week? We think these albums are well worth your time and hard earned cash. For some of these albums, an in depth video review will be posted soon. What are you listening to? Let us know using our comment section, Facebook or Twitter.

Roel's Playlist

Summer's here people! Well, summer in the Netherlands and that means the weather isn't at all so sunny and warm as I want it to be. To still get that warm summer feeling, I'm listening full time to feel good albums. And nothing gets me in a better mood than fast and melodic punk rock, ska en folk albums. Good new ska in 2010 seems hard to find, but great 90's punk rock is alive and kicking. Just listen to Golliwog and The Decline! The McKenzies need no further introduction. Their best songs got the live acoustic treatment and it's sounding great. Listen to these albums and your day will brighten up as well. Promise!

Frank's Playlist

The fun thing about music it's so damn personal. You don't listen to Joy Division when you're in a good mood, ya know? Oh, you do... Damn, it's hard to be an outsider. Screw it, I'm feeling fine so these are the albums I'm currently listening to:

The first one is a classic. The other ones are sparkling new. Check our website for video reviews of some of these albums. And distasteful toilet-humour of course! Smell ya later.