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News: CCTV Music website launched

August 1st, 2010 by Niek

Dear viewers, CCTV Music has arrived! As of this Monday we will be providing you with new daily updates!

News: CCTV Music website launched

Thought up not more than a month ago, and long awaited, your new favourite website is now here! CCTV Music will add new content daily, starting this Monday (August 2nd, 2010).

We've got a whole bunch of content waiting for you, so be patient and check back often.

You can expect the following items every week:

This week's special is the Mighty Sounds 2010 festival report. Our hosts traveled over 900km to the Czech Republic to give you an idea how cool this festival really is. This was the first report we've ever made and is scheduled to appear on this website next Tuesday.