Try This At Home

This page is dedicated to YOU! We want to attract hosts from all over Europe, so if you are interested in writing an article or doing a video report, this is the place to be.

Our vision

We aim to make CCTV Music a collaboration of people from all around Europe, instead of delivering you updates from a single location/group of people. Since CCTV Music is new and upcoming we currently have a rather small selection of hosts. We are happy to take the first steps in launching CCTV Music, but viewers will probably get tired of our faces after a while. And that's where you come in.

We want video hosts and writers from across Europe. We don't demand a lot, but we do expect you to speak proper English and know a bit about the music you're reporting about.

How to sign up

You can just make a video at home and report back to us. We're looking for album reviews, interviews and festival reports, or possibly another interesting idea. If you know a thing or two about music, but don't want to be on YouTube, please consider writing an article. We're not looking for the standard album review, but are happy to receive columns, a cover prophecy or another interesting piece.

Put your video up on YouTube and send us the YouTube-link, your name, age and location, and your motivation to info [at]

And then?

After we've received your application, we will check if we like your style and report back to you as soon as possible.

If we like your style we might as our visitors what they think, or possibly even give you a try-out post at